Coaches (Practice plans, Encouraging words)

Whether you are a seasoned youth basketball veteran or a first-time youth coach, it is our goal to inform players but also provide resources for you to apply to your team. Through some articles and real world experiences, we feel that anyone coaching youth basketball will have something to gain from reading our newsletter and articles.

Coaches Code of Conduct

Coaches Code of Conduct

I understand that my responsibilities as a youth coach are of great importance and that my actions have the potential to significantly influence the youth athlet

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Small Rec League Rules (3rd gr)

Recreational League Rules—3rd Grade Boys and Girls
The objective of this document is to describe how teams are formed, frequency of practices, game rules and player/coach/spectator conduct re

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4,5,6 Rec League Basketball Rules

Recreational League Rules—4th, 5th and 6th Grade Boys and Girls
The objective of this document is to describe how teams are formed, frequency of practices, game rules and player/coach/spectat

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2nd Grade Basketball Teaching Fundamentals

2nd Grade Instructional Objectives
Players should have FUN learning the fundamentals of basketball. The fundamentals include dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding and defense. T

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NEW Coach Top 10 things to teach

Top 10 things to address for NEW Coaches

A. Checkpoints
1. Proper angle
Head up
Dribble with outside hand
Show the players where to

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Playing time

How do you distribute playing time? Should everyone play? How do you decide who plays? How objective are you? Playing time crosses every coaches mind at some point - whether in blowout wins/losses or

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Coaches Evaluation Form

The following form offers an opportunity to get critical feedback from your players and parents once the season is completed. The input may surprise you - which is fine – but this should help you...

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Basketball Player Evaluation Form

Almost annually we are asked for player evaluation forms (or at least player evaluation form ideas). I hope this helps as many of you need a template to score/rate players for leagues so the teams are

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Impact Stat Sheets

One of the best things we instituted in my coaching youth basketball was an Impact Stat sheet. This is a snapshot for coaches (and parents keeping the stats) so you can have a bird's eye view of how p

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How to give a fair chance for athletes to make their school team.

How can middle school basketball coaches go above and beyond to give everyone a fair chance to make the team? I like a scenario I recently heard for 7th grade school teams. Typically the first year ba

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5-0 offense, 5-0 defense every practice

When I was a player growing up, the only way you really learn the plays is by doing them EVERY single practice. Some call it dummy offense or Five on 0...Read more

Basketball Scenarios

We get asked all the time, Coach, heres the situation, what would you do?

Well, right-wrong or indifferent, here is our opinion of what should be done. At any level, male or female...Read more

Encourage vs Discipline

The only thing I ask from every one of our players is that they leave everything they have on the court. We let them know that if we have 5 on the court, we have 5 or more sitting next to us on the sidelines that would love to be IN the game, not watching. The other thing that we want every player to feel is encouragement...Read more

Have parents keep stats for you

One thing we started a long time ago is to have parents keep the stats for us. What are able to better do is coach during the game and then at half time and the end of the game, we can take a look at the stats to praise the kids on their performance...Read more